Bendigo, VIC



ARC was approached to participate on the Bendigo Law Court development, the first of its kind in Victoria to feature a full suite of specialist courtrooms at one location and incorporate design features from Bendigo’s Traditional Owners the Dja Dja Wurrung.

Responsible for the development of the roof and façade, Juerg Wilk and our team took on the design, engineering, supply and installation of this project, introducing a highly sophisticated European standard in relation to insulation, non-combustibility, manufacturing and installation techniques. 

“We are particularly proud to have achieved the highest level of appearance on the standing seam façade which was only possible by using special folding and installation techniques on every single sheet” Juerg said. 

“Despite a minimum gauge of material and metal façades being prone to oil canning, ARC managed to deliver a perfectly flat surface over several thousand square meters. The detailing of penetrations, cappings, soffits and shrouds is second to none. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to work on this project using our sophisticated tech and methodology,” he said.