Sydney, NSW








Custom Perforation

ARC has a long standing relationship with BVN. Having a reputation of being a specialised supplier and installer for challenging copper projects, we were approached to see if we could assist with this outstanding copper job.

After a lengthy sampling process, it was decided to go with Aurubis Nordic Living 3 in a custom perforation.

As the installer, ARC also took on the sub framing for this project. The aim was to make this framing appear as light as possible and visually pleasing, to allow for as much as possible unobstructed view out of the class rooms.

Together with the architect, ARC created a detailed layout plan of approx 500 panels, making sure all details of this demanding façade were addressed.

It was of utmost importance to have perforation panels and shadow gaps lining up in between panels, a task that the team from ARC mastered with bravado.

The level of detailing and execution of reveal panels is extraordinarily high and speaks for itself.

Due to this process, we were able to manufacture 95% of those panels well before installation which guaranteed a smooth process onsite.  

The result is an extraordinary building façade that is unique in appearance. No matter at what time of day or weather, the façade does not fail to impress. It is hard to tell if the building looks better in daylight when the material shines in its full blue/green tone or night time when the light from the inside out illuminates the delicate perforation and façade layout.

The architects are very happy with the outcome, and the material choice, being a natural copper product has proven excellent.

ARC Roofing is extremely proud to have contributed and being part of this outstanding architectural jewel in Sydney.