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Owners own design




Interlocking cassette panels

We worked with the owner-builder of this Western Rivers residence to help them realise their own design. Our client wanted to clad the house’s box-shaped elements in order to create a very distinctive feature. The areas were difficult to access so no ongoing maintenance was required.

Proven profiles, precious metals

Our client loved the striking colour of copper but was concerned that the naturally occurring waviness would take away from its sharpness. When the option of copper textured painted aluminium was offered, an immediate agreement was reached on its suitability for the project.

Interlocking panels resulted in an impeccably smooth finish with the added bonus of bringing out the colour in the aluminium to avoid shadow lines from the ribs of the standing seam.

Lifelong value

This cost-effective solution has given a unique, enduring exterior that will retain its looks without the need to undergo maintenance.