Restoration Of The Shine Dome Roof

Australia’s home of science to shine brighter than ever

We are incredibly proud to have recently restored the roof of The Shine Dome, which houses the Australian Academy of Science in Canberra after it received significant hailstone damage.

Due to the heritage nature of the building and with the objective of not compromising or damaging the existing roof, the project was highly specialized and required us to utilize our industry-leading depth of skill and experience.

Thanks to our in-house capabilities, we were able to provide drawings, engineering, fabrication, and installation; effectively a one-stop-shop solution.

Our team was able to execute this as planned and we are thrilled with the result and to have been chosen to undertake such an iconic project.

Before the last of the 1888 tiles was put in place, the Australian Academy of Science left a message to the scientists of the future.

Watch the video to discover their message and see the spectacular new copper roof.